Selaus asiasanan mukaan kokoelmassa 221 Nanotekniikka

    • Materials and Devices for Energy Autonomous Distributed Electronics 

      Arvani, Maedeh (Åbo Akademi University, 23.09.2021)
      The growing energy demand of humankind and the concern about climate change require rethinking how energy is provided, both on a macroscopic scale and a microscopic one, e.g. for distributed electronics. For the latter, a ...
    • Nanophotonics on Paper Platform 

      Saarinen, Jarkko J. (Åbo Akademi University, 30.10.2020)
      This work concentrated on three nanophotonic applications based on printed and coated functionality on natural fibre based substrates. Hence, the thesis deals with three emerging fields: nanotechnology, nanophotonics, and ...