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    • Implementing RDF metadata in Hydra 

      Bussey, Mark; Giarlo, Michael (09.06.2014)
      This two-hour workshop will provide an overview of the current patterns for implementing RDF in Hydra repositories. Developers will have a hands-on opportunity to implement simple metadata models described using RDF. The ...
    • “Between publication culture and funder mandates - What is the future for disciplinary repositories?” 

      Siegert, Olaf; Vierkant, Paul (09.06.2014)
      A recent study by Björk et al. revealed, that only 11% of all repositories are subject-based, but over 43 % of all repository content is located there (mainly in PubMed Central and ArXiv). But are disciplinary repositories ...
    • Research Data Management in the Cloud 

      Wade, Alex D.; Takeda, Kenji (09.06.2014)
      This workshop will cover why and how cloud computing is being used for in conducting data intensive research, for research data repositories, and for research data re-use and analysis. A brief overview of the available ...
    • GIS in Digital Repositories 

      Hardy, Darren; Howard, John; Macdonald, Stuart (09.06.2014)
      Geographic Information Systems (GIS) produce a plethora of spatially referenced data that are in high demand by the research community. Libraries’ ability to identify, deliver, and preserve such scientific data, however, ...
    • Visual Arts Data Skills for Researchers (VADS4R) 

      Garrett, Leigh; Burgess, Robin; Robinson, Amy; Spalding, Anne (09.06.2014)
      This workshop will provide an introduction to the specialist area of visual arts research data and its management, drawing on the training plans, online learning materials, institutional policies, and experiences of the ...
    • Introduction to Hydra for Developers 

      Bussey, Mark; Cozine, Alicia; Sadler, Bess; Giarlo, Michael (09.06.2014)
      This four-hour workshop will provide an introduction to developing Hydra-based repositories using the Hydra technology framework. Developers will have a hands-on opportunity to implement a very simple Hydra repository. ...
    • OpenAIRE compatibility for DSpace repositories 

      Principe, Pedro; Carvalho, José; Rodrigues, Eloy; Saraiva, Ricardo; Melo, João (09.06.2014)
      The OpenAIRE Guidelines for Literature Repositories provide orientation for repository managers to define and implement their local data management policies according to the requirements of OpenAIRE - Open Access Infrastructure ...
    • Open Access Button Workshop 

      Andrews, Penny CS (09.06.2014)
      The Open Access Button is a browser-based tool that aims to show the global effects of research paywalls and help users get access to the research they need. Users install the Button and click it whenever they reach a ...
    • DataONE Member Node Implementation Workshop 

      Wilson, Bruce; Koskela, Rebecca; Vieglais, David; Jones, Chris; Budden, Amber; Moyers, Laura (09.06.2014)
      This one-day workshop will a) provide a brief overview of the Data Observation Network for Earth project (DataONE;, b) explain the benefits for groups and institutions of collaborating with DataONE as ...
    • Practical Data Curation and Management for Institutional Repositories 

      Lyle, Jared; Van den Eynden, Veerle; Green, Ann; Peer, Limor (09.06.2014)
      Many repositories are hearing about research data, especially with the spate of recent initiatives such as the US Office of Science and Technology Policy February 2013 memo, “Increasing Access to the Results of Federally ...
    • How to take advantage of ORCID in institutional repositories 

      Bruce, Rachel; Weigert, Verena (09.06.2014)
      ORCID provides a means of uniquely and unambiguously identifying authors and contributors involved in the creation of materials in repositories. Worldwide, a number of universities are among the early adopters of ORCID and ...
    • Getting Started with Islandora 

      Tripp (O'Halloran), Erin; MacKenzie, Mitch; Leggott, Mark (09.06.2014)
      Islandora is a digital asset management system that provides out-of-the-box repository solutions (Solution Packs) for a wide range of digital collections and research domains. Islandora combines the Drupal CMS and Fedora ...
    • Advanced Islandora Workshop 

      Tripp (O'Halloran), Erin; MacKenzie, Mitch; Leggott, Mark (09.06.2014)
      Islandora is a digital asset management system that provides out-of-the-box repository solutions (Solution Packs) for a wide range of digital collections and research domains. Islandora combines the Drupal CMS and Fedora ...
    • Altmetrics in practice: How are institutional repositories using altmetrics today? 

      Adie, Euan; Francois, Sebastien; Nixon, William (09.06.2014)
      Although alternative metrics (altmetrics) are still in their infancy, the concept of using non-traditional measures to assess research impact has gained significant traction from scholarly publishers over the past two ...
    • DevOps for Digital Repositories 

      Beer, Chris; Fahy, Erin (09.06.2014)
      This half-day workshop will introduce “DevOps” tenets and tools relevant to the digital repository ecosystem to increase the reliability, stability and consistency of the infrastructure. The second half of the workshop is ...
    • Dealing with Funder Mandates: Practical Support for Repository Practitioners – A Workshop 

      Tate, Dominic; Pontika, Nancy (09.06.2014)
      Over the last five years there has been a significant increase in the number of institutional and funder policies mandating open access (OA) to research results; taking advantage of both routes to open access, green and ...
    • Hydra for Managers Workshop 

      Awre, Chris; Ruggaber, Robin; Cariani, Karen (09.06.2014)
      The Hydra for Managers workshop will enable repository managers and curators of digital collections to learn about the Hydra Project, encompassing both the community and the technical development. Focusing on the community ...
    • Europe PubMed Central 

      Marden, Cecy (09.06.2014)
    • Open Access Subject Repositories – an Overview 

      Björk, Bo-Christer (09.06.2014)
    • ORCID in Finland? 

      Ilva, Jyrki (09.06.2014)