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    • Virtual Cellar of the Estonian Literary Museum: the Challenges of the Open Access in the Digital Era 

      Sarv, Mari; Kulasalu, Kaisa (10.06.2014)
      Estonian Literary Museum (ELM) was compiled in 1940 by Soviet authorities on the basis of four former archives forming part of the Estonian National Museum: Estonian Cultural History Archives, Estonian Folklore Archives, ...
    • Open research data policies, what makes the difference? 

      Melero, Remedios; Rodriguez-Armentia, Nerea (10.06.2014)
      We examined open access policies to research data required or recommended by funders that data sharing. MELIBEA and SHERPA / JULIET directories to create the list of funders, and found a total of 36 open access policies ...
    • ‘Just how (re)usable is Research Data? A legal perspective’ - A poster summarizing the recommendations of the OpenAIRE legal and licensing study. 

      Rettberg, Najla; Dietrich, Nils; Margoni, Thomas (10.06.2014)
      The open availability and sharing of research results enables and strengthens the scientific process and discovery. Open access to data can make the research process a richer one and can facilitate the reuse of existing ...
    • Using ArchivesSpace to Support Research Data Curation 

      Westbrook, Bradley D.; Fitzpatrick, Christopher S. (10.06.2014)
      ArchivesSpace is a community and an application. The community has over 100 members, ranging from very large organizations, such as NYU and the University of California, San Diego, to the very small, such as the Rockerfeller ...
    • Open Access Button 

      Pontika, Nancy (10.06.2014)
    • 20 Ways to Reuse Repository Metadata 

      Ayre, Lucy; Madjarevic, Natalia (10.06.2014)
      Feeding, exporting, reporting, integrating, sharing and analysing: repository metadata can be leveraged across the web in many different ways to integrate and disseminate open access content widely. We propose to produce ...
    • Introducing the new and improved DMPTool 

      Shreeves, Sarah (10.06.2014)
      The goal of the DMPTool, originally released in 2011, is to provide researchers with guidance, links to resources and help with writing data management plans. Thanks to a grant from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, several ...
    • Designing a Bit Preservation System 

      Wallberg, Ben; Knies, Jennie Levine; Hamidzadeh, Babak (10.06.2014)
      Despite successful operation of DSpace and Fedora repositories, much of the digital preservation work performed at the University of Maryland (UMD) Libraries is focused more on backup and restoration of files than on actual ...
    • Theses and Dissertations Digital Library: Ten years of Open Access and Open Archives in Brazil 

      Macedo, Diego José; Brito, Ronnie Fagundes; Shintaku, Milton; de Carvalho Segundo, Washington L. Ribeiro (10.06.2014)
      Open Access and Open Archives are approaches for scientific information dissemination that can be supported by different software platforms. These platforms need to be integrated if a repositories federation is desired. ...
    • Exposing usage and workflow in a DSpace repository 

      Steinberg, Ben (10.06.2014)
      This presentation will demonstrate two of the Office for Scholarly Communication's systems, MyDASH and the DASHboard. The former displays usage data from DASH, Harvard's open access repository; the latter displays workflow status.
    • Handshake ecosystem for Educational Contents between Institutional Repository and OER based Repository 

      Yamaji, Kazutsuna; Kato, Hiroshi; Aoyama, Toshihiro; Yamada, Tsuneo (10.06.2014)
      The National Institute of Informatics (NII) has led a Japanese institutional repository (IR) project since 2005 and, developed metadata harvesting system named IRDB from all over Japan. NII also defines metadata specific ...
    • Tag Cloud of Search Queries for Repository System 

      Aoyama, Toshihiro; Suzuki, Yuta; Yamaji, Kazutsuna (10.06.2014)
      We propose that a new additional system to display tag cloud of search query of a contents for the repository system. The search queries can be collected from access logs of a HTTP server. After a access log from search ...
    • Recommendations for Preservation Data Policies 

      Lehtonen, Juha; Helin, Heikki; Dallmeier-Tiessen, Suenje; Guercio, Mariella; Herterich, Patricia; Kaur, Kirnn; Lavasa, Artemis; Salmivalli, Riina (10.06.2014)
      In this paper, we summarise selected recommendations that should be taken into account when drawing up data policies concerning digital preservation. It is important to understand what current data policies address and if ...
    • B2SHARE – Storing and Sharing Research Data 

      Straňák, Pavel; Dima, Emanuel (10.06.2014)
      B2SHARE (, EUDAT’s ( data sharing service, is a user-friendly, reliable and trustworthy way for researchers and communities to store and share small-scale research data coming from diverse ...
    • Supporting the creation, management, and long-term preservation of social science research data 

      Recker, Astrid; Horton, Laurence; Katsanidou, Alexia (10.06.2014)
      Taking its cue from the increasing importance of data sharing and preservation, the Archive and Data Management Training Center, established in 2011 as part of the GESIS Data Archive for the Social Sciences, offers training ...
    • Leveraging open access for integrating repository data at Indiana University Libraries 

      Hardesty, Juliet L. (10.06.2014)
      Opening access to digital repository data can be done in different ways with different effects. From providing a data packet for bulk download to a web service API, the ways in which that data can be used and understood ...
    • Software and Code Finder: making research outputs visible 

      Callan, Paula Anne; Broadley, Philippa (10.06.2014)
      QUT’s Software and Code Finder is a searchable registry of code and software which has been created as a result of QUT research activities. The registry is designed to aid the discovery and visibility of QUT research outputs ...
    • HIMALDOC: A Tool for a Regional Open Repository on Sustainable Mountain Development Issues in the Hindu Kush Himalaya 

      JHA, Anil Kumar (10.06.2014)
      HIMALDOC, based on Invenio software, has been developed by ICIMOD as a tool for the Hindu Kush Himalayan (HKH) regional repository on sustainable mountain development issues. The HKH region is the source of 10 large Asian ...
    • OCR Correction Tool for Linguistic Corpora 

      Hakkarainen, Jussi-Pekka; Keskitalo, Esa-Pekka (10.06.2014)
      We introduce a new tool for correcting OCR errors of materials in a repository of cultural materials. The poster is aimed to all who are interested in digital humanities and who might find our tool useful. The poster will ...
    • A Rights Expression Language for Federated Repositories 

      Konkiel, Stacy; Liss, Jennifer A.; Hardesty, Juliet L. (10.06.2014)
      We will reveal the most common characteristics found in twelve institutional repository deposit licenses and measure whether existing Rights Expression Languages (RELs) are suitable for expressing those characteristics in ...