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    • Transient Modeling of a Two Staged-Turbocharged Medium-Speed Spark-Ignited Gas Engine 

      Kanckos, Anders (Åbo Akademi, 2018)
      Due to the increasing number of renewable energy sources available in energy production, the power variability in the grid has increased as well, and to balance the load, short-term power needs to either be produced or ...
      Embargo 16.10.2019 asti
    • Indoor air quality at a waste incineration plant in Finland 

      Skog, Sanna-Sofia (Åbo Akademi University, 04.09.2013)
      Waste has been incinerated for energy utilization for more than a hundred years, but the harmful emissions emitted from the incineration plants did not begin to cause concern until the 1980s. Many plants were shutdown and ...