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    • Elevers matematiska utmaningar i slöjd : Ämnesöverskridande lärande via handens arbete 

      Hjelm, Åsa (Åbo Akademis förlag - Åbo Akademi University Press, 14.04.2023)
      The thesis is based on an interest in mathematical learning in the school subject sloyd in the Swedish elementary school. The students come to the sloyd classroom to make sloyd objects, but most students do not reflect ...
    • Hållpunkter för lärande : småbarns möten 

      Björklund, Camilla (Åbo Akademis förlag - Åbo Akademi University Press, 23.04.2007)
      Developed from human activities, mathematical knowledge is bound to the world and cultures that men and women experience. One can say that mathematics is rooted in humans’ everyday life, an environment where people reach ...