Viitteet 29-48 / 247

      child sexual abuse investigations, forensic child interviews, interviewer utterances, child response types, language use in forensic child interviews, anatomically detailed dolls, repeated interviewing, presence of a support person at CSA interviews, improving CSA interviews [1]
      Childhood [1]
      children in the street [1]
      class-teachers´ perceptions, science subjects, science teaching, science learning, working methods [1]
      clown, identity, drama in education, dialogical learning, meaning making [1]
      competence, competencies, SMEs, survival, Finnish, Russian, changes, forest industry [1]
      computer-based tool, simulation, parallel, dynamic representations, interaction, visualisation, didactic engineering, physics teaching,didactical situations, adidactical situations, learning effectiveness, AC series circuits [1]
      consumer behavior [1]
      consumer experiments [1]
      democracy, democratic approach, children's rights, values, norms, learning, the variation theory of learning, daycare [1]
      demokrati, demokratiskt förhållningssätt, barnets rättigheter, värden, normer, lärande, variationsteori, daghem [1]
      Developmental Psychology [7]
      diabetes, insulin pump treatment, experience, phronesis, lifeworld [1]
      diabetes, insulinpumpsbehandling, erfarenhet, fronésis, livsvärlden [1]
      diaspora [1]
      digital literacy, computing activity, one-to-one computing, text, text type, socio-semiotic, multimodality, ethnography, socio-semiotic ethnography, digital inequality [1]
      discourse analysis [1]
      diskursanalys [1]
      draamapedagogiikka, nuoret, teatterikasvatus, kulttuurienvälisyys [1]
      draamapedagogiikka, ongelmalähtöinen oppiminen [1]