Viitteet 61-80 / 91

      Paper Coating and Converting [1]
      paper, [1]
      plasma coating [1]
      platinum, aqueous reforming, sorbitol, xylitol, kinetics, reaction mechanism [1]
      Pressurized hot water extraction, Flow-through, Birch, Sawdust, Xylan, Hemicelluloses, Lignin, Biorefinery, Wood biorefinery, Betula pendula [1]
      Process Control [1]
      reactive flows, combustion, turbulence, modelling [1]
      sawdust, wood chip screenings, black liquor impregnation, sawdust cooking, hydrotropic extraction, energy, ethanol, chemicals, reinforcement fibre pulp [1]
      SEM [1]
      silver [1]
      silver leaching [1]
      spruce galactoglucomannans, galactose-containing polysaccharides, regioselective modification, TEMPO-mediated oxidation, carbodiimidemediated, amidation, indium-mediated allylation, adsorption, conducting biocomposites [1]
      stainless steel [1]
      starch, oxidation, hydrogen peroxide, FePcS, catalysis, kinetics, ultrasound [1]
      sugar monomers [1]
      supramolecular [1]
      tetramethyldisiloxane, used oil re-refining, alkali treatment, base-catalyzed transformations, sodium silanolates, reaction mechanism [1]
      tetrametyldisiloxan, raffinering av använd olja, alkalibehandling, baskatalyserade omvandlingar, natriumsilanolater, reaktionsmekanism [1]
      Thermal and Flow Engineering [3]
      Thermomechanical pulp, wood resin, colloidal pitch, resin acids, fatty acids, phase distribution, pH, aggregation, flocculation, colloidal stability, deposits, galactoglucomannans, uronic acids, cationic polymers, froth flotation, induced air flotation, fillers, mineral particles, gas chromatography, flow cytometry [1]