Selaus asiasanan mukaan kokoelmassa 215 Teknillinen kemia

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      cellulose [1]
      cellulose, pretreatment, viscosity, degree of polymerisation, dissolution, coagulation, regeneration,microsphere, bead, surface area, porosity, functionalisation, oxidation, drug delivery, release profile [1]
      Chemistry [1]
      chitosan [1]
      continuous reactor [1]
      cytocompatibility [1]
      depolymerisation [1]
      dietylkarbonat, utnyttjande av koldioxid, butylenoxid, etanol, ceriumoxid, bärarmaterial [1]
      Electrolytic zinc process, process development, leaching, solution purification, jarosite precipitation, copper removal, cobalt removal, cadmium removal, fluidized bed, atmospheric leaching of concentrate [1]
      enantioselective hydrogenation, modified Pt catalyst, catalyst deactivation, solvent effect, transition state theory, dielectric constant, kinetic model, multi-centered adsorption, continuous operation, adsorption isotherm, chromatographic separation [1]
      fabrics [1]
      ferric!sulphate, ferrous sulphate, sulphuric!acid, active carbon, noble metals, oxidation,!reduction, kinetic!modelling, water purification, iron,!indium, gallium, germanium, zinc, tannic acid, tannin, catalyst, hydrometallurgy, precipitation, recycling [1]
      formic acid fractionation [1]
      functional nanocomposite [1]
      glass [1]
      glycerol, hydrochlorination, reaction engineering, kinetics, gas-liquid reaction, mass, transfer, solubility, semi-batch, reactive distillation, bubble column, fluid dynamics [1]
      gold catalysts, linoleic acid, arabinose, ethanol, lignans, hydroxymatairesinol, oxomatairesinol, isomerization, selective oxidation, kinetics, reaction mechanism [1]
      gold catalysts, terpenoids, α-pinene, camphene, myrtenol, carvone, dihydrocarvone, isomerization, one-pot amination, hydrogenation, kinetic modeling, catalyst deactivation, solvent effect [1]
      guldkatalysator, linolsyra, arabinos, etanol, lignan, hydroximatairesinol, oxomatairesinol, isomerisering, selektiv oxidation, kinetik, reaktionsmekanism [1]
      guldkatalysator, terpenoider, α-pinen, kamfen, myrtenol, karvon, dihydrokarvon, isomerisering, ettstegsaminering, hydrering, kinetisk modellering, katalysatordeaktivering, lösningsmedelseffekt [1]