Selaus asiasanan mukaan kokoelmassa 2 Tekniikka

    • Combustion properties of biomass residues rich in phosphorus 

      Piotrowska, Patrycja
      Report / Åbo Akademi, Process Chemistry Centre : 12-02 (Åbo Akademi University, Process Chemistry Centre, 04.04.2012)
      The currently-used sources of biomass are limited so new ones are required in order to meet the European Union target and to satisfy the constantly-increasing demand for energy. This is why energy recovery from residues ...
    • Electroactive ion exchange membranes based on conducting polymers 

      Akieh-Pirkanniemi, Marceline (Åbo Akademi - Åbo Akademi University, 14.12.2012)
      Ion exchange membranes are indispensable for the separation of ionic species. They can discriminate between anions and cations depending on the type of fixed ionic group present in the membrane. These conventional ion ...
    • Enzyme electrode configurations : for application in biofuel cells 

      Wang, Xiaoju
      Report / Åbo Akademi, Process Chemistry Centre : 12-01 (Åbo Akademi University, Process Chemistry Centre, 17.02.2012)
    • Liquid transportation and distribution during (re)wetting : impact on coated papers in printing 

      Tåg, Carl-Mikael (Åbo Akademi - Åbo Akademi University, 25.01.2013)
      In many industrial applications, such as the printing and coatings industry, wetting of porous materials by liquids includes not only imbibition and permeation into the bulk but also surface spreading and evaporation. By ...
    • Molecular modeling of asymmetric induction in heterogeneously catalyzed hydrogenation of the C=O bond 

      Taskinen, Antti (Åbo Akademi - Åbo Akademi University, 29.10.2010)
      Modifiering av metallytor med starkt adsorberade kirala organiska molekyler är eventuellt den mest relevanta teknik man vet i dag för att skapa kirala ytor. Den kan utnyttjas i katalytisk produktion av enantiomeriskt rena ...
    • Oxidation rates of carbon and nitrogen in char residues from solid fuels 

      Karlström, Oskar
      Report / Åbo Akademi, Process Chemistry Centre : 13-01 (Åbo Akademi University, Process Chemistry Centre, 07.06.2013)
      Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling is an important tool in designing new combustion systems. By using CFD modeling, entire combustion systems can be modeled and the emissions and the performance can be predicted. ...
    • Thermochemical Conversion Characteristics of Vinasse 

      Dirbeba, Meheretu Jaleta (Åbo Akademi - Åbo Akademi University, 28.08.2020)
      Vinasse, also known as stillage or spent wash, is an effluent from the distillery plant of the integrated sugar-ethanol process. It is characterized by an acidic pH, a black-reddish color, and being a dilute effluent with ...