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    • The feasibility of torrefaction for the co-firing of wood in pulverised-fuel boilers 

      Agar, David A.
      Åbo Akademi, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Johan Gadolin Process Chemistry Centre : 15-01 (Åbo Akademi University, Johan Gadolin Process Chemistry Centre, 11.12.2015)
      Torrefaction is the partial pyrolysis of wood characterised by thermal degradation of predominantly hemicellulose under inert atmosphere. Torrefaction can be likened to coffee roasting but with wood in place of beans. This ...
    • The role of potassium in the corrosion of superheater materials in boilers firing biomass 

      Lehmusto, Juho
      Report / Åbo Akademi, Process Chemistry Centre : 13-02 (Åbo Akademi University, Process Chemistry Centre, 13.12.2013)
      Inhibition of global warming has become one of the major goals for the coming decades. A key strategy is to replace fossil fuels with more sustainable fuels, which has generated growing interest in the use of waste-derived ...
    • Understanding the in vitro dissolution rate of glasses with respect to future clinical applications 

      Fagerlund, Susanne
      Report / Åbo Akademi, Process Chemistry Centre : 12-05 (Åbo Akademi University, Process Chemistry Centre, 05.12.2012)
      Glass is a unique material with a long history. Several glass products are used daily in our everyday life, often unnoticed. Glass can be found not only in obvious applications such as tableware, windows, and light bulbs, ...