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    • Computational Network Analytics for Applications in Biomedicine 

      Popescu, Victor-Bogdan (Åbo Akademi - Åbo Akademi University, 03.06.2022)
      Network medicine has recently emerged as a field of research focusing on the analysis of networks modelling complex biological systems, for a better understanding of diseases and corresponding treatment. Building on results ...
    • Contract-Based Design of Dataflow Programs 

      Wiik, Jonatan (Åbo Akademi - Åbo Akademi University, 19.01.2024)
      Quality and correctness are becoming increasingly important aspects of software development, as our reliance on software systems in everyday life continues to increase. Highly complex software systems are today found in ...
    • Diagrammatic Languages and Formal Verification : A Tool-Based Approach 

      Parsa, Masoumeh (Åbo Akademi - Åbo Akademi University, 02.09.2022)
      The importance of software correctness has been accentuated as a growing number of safety-critical systems have been developed relying on software operating these systems. One of the more prominent methods targeting the ...
    • DIANA : Distributed and Safe Autonomous Navigation for a Swarm of Autonomous Vehicles 

      Majd, Amin (Åbo Akademi University, 07.05.2021)
      The autonomous systems are typical examples of complex distributed cyber-physical systems (CPS). The main characteristics of such systems is the use of autonomous vehicles. They are increasingly used in various mission-critical ...
    • Energy Aware Runtime Systems for Elastic Stream Processing Platforms 

      Rexha, Hergys (Åbo Akademi - Åbo Akademi University, 22.08.2023)
      Following an invariant growth in the required computational performance of processors, the multicore revolution started around 20 years ago. This revolution was mainly an answer to power dissipation constraints restricting ...
    • Formal Model Refinement for Complex Biological Systems 

      Sanwal, Muhammad Usman (Åbo Akademi - Åbo Akademi University, 20.03.2020)
      There is a big interest in building large biological models and various approaches are being used for constructing such systems. Larger models are needed in system-level approaches (such as systems biology, systems medicine, ...
    • Model-based Verification and Testing of Web services : Functionality, Robustness and Vulnerability Analysis 

      Siavashi, Faezeh (Åbo Akademi - Åbo Akademi University, 04.04.2020)
    • Optimizing Stateful Serverless Computing 

      Byholm, Benjamin (Åbo Akademi University, 28.05.2021)
      Stateful serverless computing is a new paradigm within cloud computing. It successfully incorporates state management with serverless computing. Serverless computing is a form of cloud computing where the servers necessary ...
    • Scalable Multicore Computing Using Dataflow and Task‐based Models 

      Georgakarakos, Georgios (Åbo Akademi University, 26.11.2021)
      Most of modern digital electronic devices and systems rely nowadays on multicore processors, in order to deliver a growing list of added‐value features and services. In this way multicore architectures have been able to ...