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  • First dice your dill – new methods and techniques in sample handling 

    Jestoi, Marika; Järvenpää, Eila; Peltonen, Kimmo (toim.) (University of Turku, 26.01.2012)
    This book is dedicated to celebrate the 60th birthday of Professor Rainer Huopalahti. Professor Rainer “Repe” Huopalahti has had, and in fact is still enjoying a distinguished career in the analysis of food and food related ...
  • Foodstuffs and medicines as legal categories in the EU and China. Functional foods as a borderline case 

    Lähteenmäki-Uutela, Anu (University of Turku, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Biochemistry and Food Chemistry, 21.11.2009)
    The thesis discusses the regulation of foodstuffs and medicines, and particularly the regulation of functional foods. Legal systems investigated are the EU and China. Both are members of the WTO and Codex Alimentarius, ...