Selaus nimekkeen mukaan kokoelmassa Kirjoja, sarjoja, ym.

    • ‘I try not to save my soul, but to understand it’ 

      Vrublevskaya, Polina (The Donner Institute, 01.03.2022)
      This article presents a comparative study of the experiences of young adults on a spiritual quest in cultural and religious contexts where they have not yet been properly studied, that is Lutheran Finland, Roman Catholic ...
    • “I used to be a traitor” Russian Baptist Conversion as Unlearning 

      Mikeshin, Igor (The Donner Institute, 03.05.2024)
      This article discusses adult conversion in the Russian Baptist community as the unlearning of old sinful ways of living. Russian Baptists see conversion as an act of repentance, surrendering to Christ, and becoming born ...
    • Iconography transformed: a few notes on the god Vaiśravaṇa 

      Schönberger, Sarah-Allegra (The Donner Institute, Åbo Akademi, 2016)
      This article aims at an integration of the topic of iconographic transformation processes into a wider context of meaning, in order to enhance its importance from a religious and cultural-scientific point of view. In this ...
    • In praise of In Praise of Risk 

      des Bouvrie, Nicole (the Donner Institute, 30.10.2020)
      Review of Anne Dufourmantelle's In Praise of Risk, trans. with an introduction by Steven Miller (New York: Fordham University Press, 2019).
    • In Search of a National Epic: The use of Old Norse myths in Tolkien's vision of Middle-earth 

      Kuusela, Tommy (The Donner Institute, Åbo Akademi, 2014)
      In this article some aspects of Tolkien’s work with regard to his relationship to folklore and nationalism are presented. It is also argued, contrary to Lauri Honko’s view of literary epics, that pre-literary sources ...
    • In search of transcultural memory in Europe 

      Törnquist-Plewa, Barbara; Bernsand, Niklas; La Rosa, Marco (Centre for European Studies at Lund University, 2017)
    • In the Footsteps of Bagira: ethnicity, archaeology, and ‘Iron I ethnic Israel’ 

      Kletter, Raz (The Donner Institute, Åbo Akademi, 2014)
      This article has two aims. The first is to show that the search for ethnicity in archaeology is dependent on the way ethnicity is defined and on written sources. The second is to review studies of Iron Age I ‘ethnic Israel’. ...
    • Independence Day in a would-be Christian nation 

      Kallinen, Timo (The Donner Institute, 07.11.2022)
      When the West African nation of Ghana attained its independence from colonial rule in 1957, its traditional culture was to be promoted in all sectors of public life. Similarly, what was construed as Ghanaian traditional ...
    • Initiating dialogue 

      Illman, Ruth (The Donner Institute, Åbo Akademi, 2011)
      The editorial note presents the journal and the current issue. The purpose of this newly inaugurated e-journal is to contribute to the plurality of voices in the academic discussion on religion Approaching Religion aims ...
    • Inledning till Gamla testamentet 

      Laato, Antti (The Donner Institute, 2004)
      Den här läroboken vill erbjuda teologistuderande och religionsvetare i allmänhet den grundläggande information de behöver för att förstå vad för en bok eller snarare boksamling Gamla testamentet är. Boken har tre huvuddelar. ...
    • Innovation, adaptation, and maintaining the balance 

      Pesonen, Heikki (The Donner Institute, 07.11.2022)
      The environmental crisis has challenged faith traditions to take a stand and act both globally and locally. Statements and action build on reinterpretations of tradition, which also produce a variety of ritual applications. ...
    • Innovations in Epic Studies by Lauri Honko 

      Hakamies, Pekka (The Donner Institute, Åbo Akademi, 2014)
      This article aims at tracing the roots of the theoretical concepts developed by Lauri Honko in his research on epic: what were his main sources in theoretical thinking, how did he apply and develop concepts formulated by ...
    • Integral gnosis and the material other 

      Karhu, Eero Antero (The Donner Institute, Åbo Akademi, 2015)
      In this article, I look at Ken Wilber’s Integral Theory as mimesis. This invites me to look at Integral Theory in three ways. First, I look at Integral Theory as process of making materialistic alterity, thus maintaining ...
    • Integral Perspective on Happiness 

      Uotinen, Joonas (The Donner Institute, Åbo Akademi, 2015)
      A happiness science has emerged amidst, and spans, the social sciences. This research, despite the long philosophical tradition on happiness, is in its infancy and a robust theory of happiness is called for. I will review ...
    • Intellektuelt fyrtårn gået bort: Amos Oz (1939–2018) 

      Ravn, Flemming André Philip (The Donner Institute, 27.05.2019)
      Amos Oz (1939–2018) in memoriam.
    • Inter- and intra-religious appropriation 

      Lensink, Jip (The Donner Institute, 18.12.2023)
      Moluccan people arrived in the Netherlands in 1951, as a result of the complicated process of the decolonization of Indonesia. A situation of permanent waiting and political disappointment resulted in this growing Moluccan ...
    • Interesting viewpoints on Laestadianism in Finland 

      Kejonen, Eetu (The Donner Institute, 23.05.2020)
      Review of "Politiikka, talous ja työ. Lestadiolaisuus maailmassa", eds. Aini Linjakumpu, Tapio Nykänen, Tiina Harjumaa and Sandra Wallenius-Korkalo (Rovaniemi, Lapland University Press, 2019),
    • Interreligious dialogue: Moving between compartmentalization and complexity 

      Grung, Anne Hege (The Donner Institute, Åbo Akademi, 2011)
      Interreligious dialogues as organized activities establish religious difference among its participants as a premise. This article discusses how various ways of signifying religious difference in interreligious dialogues ...
    • Intersections of gender and minority status: perspectives from Finnish Jewish women 

      Vuola, Elina (The Donner Institute, 26.05.2019)
      In this article, I examine how contemporary Finnish Jewish women understand their roles and identities as women in a small Orthodox Jewish community, on the one hand, and as members of a tiny minority in largely secular ...
    • Is appropriation a useful category for scholarship on religion? 

      Bucar, Liz (The Donner Institute, 18.12.2023)
      Concluding remarks for the special issue of Approaching Religion, ‘Appropriation as a Perspective and Topic in the Study of Religion and Spirituality’.