Selaus asiasanan mukaan kokoelmassa Åbo Akademi

    • AI-Assisted Lead Scoring 

      Nygård, Robert (Åbo Akademi, 2019)
      Companies often gather a tremendous amount of data, such as browsing behavior, email activities and other contact data. This data can be used to estimate a contact's purchase probability using predictive analytics. The ...
    • Flexible recurrent neural network for Audio-Visual sequence analysis 

      Mayet, Tsiry (Åbo Akademi, 2020)
      Embargo until 25.8.2024
    • Personal annotation of sounds using subjective tags 

      Näsman, Andreas (Åbo Akademi, 2020)
      Designing sounds and building sound landscapes is a challenging yet inspiring occupation. Dealing with large data sets and having numerous influencing factors are some of the concerns making the situation more demanding. ...