Selaus tekijän mukaan kokoelmassa Åbo Akademi

    • A relation of Swedenborgianism and anthroposophy 

      Mahlamäki, Tiina (The Donner Institute, 21.04.2018)
      My article discusses the influence of Emanuel- Swedenborg on a Finnish female author, Kersti Bergroth (1886–1975) through one of Bergroth’s novels Eläviä ja kuolleita (‘The Living and the Dead’, 1945). Bergroth was a ...
    • Approaching Esotericism and Mysticism: Cultural Influences 

      Leskelä-Kärki, Maarit; Mahlamäki, Tiina (the Donner Institute, 2020)
      Based on papers presented at the conference arranged by the Donner Institute for Research in Religious and Cultural History and the research project ‘Seekers of the New: Esotericism and the Transformation of Religiosity ...
    • Editorial. The history of modern Western esotericism 

      Mahlamäki, Tiina; Leskelä-Kärki, Maarit (The Donner Institute, 21.04.2018)
      The study of Western esoteric traditions and practices has been a growing research field since the 1990s. This thematic issue aims at opening this field particularly in the context of Finnish cultural history, although the ...
    • Esoteric and occult Sweden 

      Mahlamäki, Tiina (The Donner Institute, 20.03.2021)
      Review of Per Faxneld's Det ockulta sekelskiftet. Esoteriska strömningar i Hilma af Klints tid (Stockholm: Volante, 2020).
    • Religion and atheism from a gender perspective 

      Mahlamäki, Tiina (The Donner Institute, Åbo Akademi, 2012)
      In August 2010 the Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE, summarising the results of the World Values 2005 survey, released them under the headline ‘Religion is a women’s issue’. Is atheism and secularity then, by contrast, an ...