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Viitteet 1089-1108 / 5069

    • E-utbildning inom ett industriföretag : anställdas erfarenheter och åsikter om e-kurser 

      Korhonen, Nilla (Åbo Akademi, 2014)
      Syftet med denna avhandling är att undersöka hur de anställda ser på e-utbildning som utbildningsform. E-utbildning kan definieras som en utbildningsform där kursen avläggs via internet antingen i egen takt eller i realtid ...
    • E. M. Forster and English place : a literary topography 

      Finch, Jason (Åbo Akademis förlag - Åbo Akademi University Press, 15.04.2011)
    • Early discovery approaches of biofilm inhibitors from naturally inspired sources and insights into biofilm models 

      Manner, Suvi (Åbo Akademi - Åbo Akademi University, 08.12.2017)
      Biofilm formation complicates diagnosis and treatment of bacterial infections. Bacterial biofilms can be defined as structurally organized communities of bacterial cells embedded in a matrix of extracellular polymeric ...
    • Early modes of exegesis : ideal figures in Malachi as a test case 

      Valve, Lotta (Åbo Akademis förlag - Åbo Akademi University Press, 04.12.2014)
    • Eating disorders, weight perception, and dieting in adolescence 

      Isomaa, Rasmus (Åbo Akademi - Åbo Akademi University, 04.02.2011)
      Background: Eating disorders are serious psychiatric disorders, which usually have their onset in adolescence. Body dissatisfaction and dieting, both common among adolescents, are recognised risk factors for eating ...
    • Economic and Social Human Rights of Sex Workers in International Human Rights Law and Restrictive Legislation on Sex Work 

      Dergacheva, Yulia (Åbo Akademi, 2020)
      The present research will examine how sex work is regulated in international human rights treaties. Approaching the question whether any international norms specifically restrict sex work as a form of labour, the research ...
    • Economic capital allocation 

      Wang, Min (Åbo Akademi - Åbo Akademi University, 04.03.2016)
      For my Licentiate thesis, I conducted research on risk measures. Continuing with this research, I now focus on capital allocation. In the proportional capital allocation principle, the choice of risk measure plays a very ...
    • Economics, education and evolution : essays in honor of Olle Anckar 

      Anckar, Patrik (ed.) (Åbo Akademis förlag - Åbo Akademi University Press, 2006)
    • Eddy break-up based models for industrial diffusion flames with complex gas phase chemistry 

      Brink, Anders (Åbo Akademi - Åbo Akademi University, 11.12.1998)
      In this thesis, two types of models used in the CFD modeling of practical combustion devices with a turbulent flow are investigated. The models are applied to a number of test cases, but the goal of the investigations are ...
    • Edith 

      Birch-Pfeiffer, Charlotte
    • Edith 

      Birch-Pfeiffer, Charlotte
    • Editorial 

      Illman, Ruth; Hedner Zetterholm, Karin (the Donner Institute, 02.12.2017)
      Editorial for issue 28(2) of Scandinavian Jewish Studies.
    • Editorial 

      Zetterholm, Karin; Illman, Ruth (the Donner Institute, 03.11.2018)
      Editorial for issue 29(1) of Scandinavian Jewish Studies
    • Editorial 

      Illman, Ruth; Hedner Zetterholm, Karin (the Donner Institute, 05.12.2016)
      Ledare för nummer 27/2 av Nordisk judaistik. Editorial for issue 27/2 of Scandinavian Jewish Studies
    • Editorial 

      Illman, Ruth; Zetterholm, Karin (the Donner Institute, 26.06.2016)
      Editorial for vol. 27/1 och Nordisk judaistik - Scandinavian Jewish Studies.This is the first issue of the journal to be published in eight years, marking the relaunch of the journal.
    • Editorial 

      Illman, Ruth; Hedner Zetterholm, Karin (The Donner Institute, 24.11.2019)
      Editorial for Issue 30(2) of Nordisk judaistik/Scandinavain Jewish Studies.
    • Editorial 

      Gorniok, Lukasz; Roos, Lena; Illman, Ruth (the Donner Institute, 17.05.2020)
      Editorial for Vol. 31/1
    • Editorial 

      Illman, Ruth; Lundgren, Svante (The Donner Institute, 14.12.2020)
      Höstens nummer av Nordisk judaistik – Scandinavian Jewish Studies, vol. 31(2), innehåller fyra forskningsartiklar, två på svenska och två på engelska. I den första artikeln presenterar Håkan Bengtsson ...
    • Editorial. Aboagora 2013: The Human Machine 

      Illman, Ruth (The Donner Institute, Åbo Akademi, 2013)
      The editorial introduces the articles of the issue, all pertaining to the arts and sciences event, Aboagora, which gathered artists, academics and a wide range of interested listeners together to discuss the relationship ...
    • Editorial. Art approaching religion and science 

      Illman, Ruth; Kristensson Uggla, Bengt (The Donner Institute, Åbo Akademi, 2016)
      Editorial for the special issue on the theme of art appraoching religion and science.