Vol 33 No 1 (2022)


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  • En hyllning till mångfalden 

    Chaya Votkin, Taija (The Donner Institute, 27.06.2022)
    Recension av @Stoltjude - om judiskt liv i Sverige, Nina Tojzner och Malin Norrby (red.), Micael Bindefeld (förord), Samuel Adler (berättartext), Daniel Leviathan (uppslagsdel), Isabelle Falck (grafisk formgivning) (Stockholm: ...
  • ”Jude är något man gör” 

    Illman, Ruth (The Donner Institute, 27.06.2022)
    Recension av Jude i Sverige: en antologi, red. Daniel Pedersen (Stockholm: Föreningen Judisk kultur i Sverige, 2021).
  • From A to Z 

    Carlesson Magalhães, Jens (The Donner Institute, 27.06.2022)
    Review of Key Concepts in the Study of Antisemitism, eds. Sol Goldberg, Scott Ury and Kalman Weiser, Palgrave Critical Studies of Antisemitism and Racism (Cham: Palgrave Macmillan, 2021).
  • At beskytte demokratiet mod dets indre fjender 

    Gildin Zuckerman, Maja (The Donner Institute, 27.06.2022)
    Boganmeldelse af Sofie Lene Baks ”Racismeparagraffen” (Århus: Århus Universitetsforlag, 2021).
  • Reading Paul with Messianic Jews 

    Nyström, Jennifer (The Donner Institute, 27.06.2022)
    This review article presents and summarises my doctoral dissertation ‘Reading Romans, Constructing Paul(s): A Conversation between Messianic Jews in Jerusalem and Paul within Judaism Scholars’, defended on 24 September ...
  • The black bar mitzvah 

    Ackfeldt, Anders; Magnusson, Erik (The Donner Institute, 27.06.2022)
    References to Jews and to matters included in Jewish discourse are commonplace in US popular culture in general and in US-produced hip-hop lyrics in particular. This article deals with the latter, and aims to analyse how ...
  • Shaping ongoing survival in a Swedish refugee camp 

    Van Orden Martínez, Victoria (The Donner Institute, 27.06.2022)
    Among the hundreds of sites that housed survivors of Nazi persecution who came to Sweden in the spring and summer of 1945, one of the largest was at the small village of Öreryd. Between June 1945 and September 1946, around ...
  • ‘Rabbinising’ in sixteenth-century polemics 

    Avner, Shamir (The Donner Institute, 27.06.2022)
    ‘Rabbi’ is the title of Jewish scholars and teachers. Yet, in the sixteenth century, the word was sometimes employed in Christian discourse, when Christian scholars referred to their Christian peers as rabbis. How could ...
  • Editorial. Nordisk judaistik 

    Illman, Ruth; Lundgren, Svante (The Donner Institute, 27.06.2022)
    Editorial for Vol. 33 Issue 1 of Nordisk Judaistik / Scandinavian Jewish Studies.