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    • Golgotha and the burial of Adam between Jewish and Christian tradition 

      Ryan, Jordan (The Donner Institute, 31.05.2021)
      The curious name of Golgotha, and its translations provided by the evangelists, became a focal point for interpretation, opening the door for new Christological concepts to become affixed to it. As these novel Christological ...
    • Lettters to India 

      Tolley, Clive (The Donner Institute, 31.05.2021)
      I write as a non-Jew about the brief correspondence sent to my father, shortly after the Second World War, from a gifted, young Jewish violinist, and briefly outline the background story-arc of her family’s aliyah, from ...
    • Noreg og dei polskjødiske flyktningane, 1968–1970 

      Larsen, Svein-Erik (The Donner Institute, 31.05.2021)
      In 1968, an antisemitic campaign, launched by the Polish government, caused around 13,000 Jews to leave Poland. About 2500 of these refugees came to Denmark, while only about 25 ended up in Norway. The migration to Norway ...
    • The socio-economic context of Capernaum’s limestone synagogue and Jewish–Christian relations in the late-ancient town 

      Cirafesi, Wally V. (The Donner Institute, 31.05.2021)
      In this article, I consider a set of contextual questions related to the social and economic influences on the construction and use of Capernaum’s great limestone synagogue, and ask what these influences might tell us about ...
    • Tyska utflykter i skandinavisk judaistik 

      Nurmela, Risto (The Donner Institute, 31.05.2021)
      En recension av Figurationen des J¨üdischen. Spurensuchen in der skandinavischen Literatur, utg. Clemens Räthel och Stefanie von Schnurbein (Nordeuropa-Institut, 2020).
    • Voices of fire 

      Abell Haynes, Theresa (The Donner Institute, 31.05.2021)
      Early followers of Jesus and later rabbinical Jews, two divergent branches of Judaism emerging respectively from the Second Temple and Post-Second Temple eras, both drew upon the cultural memory of Sinai to establish their ...