Selaus nimekkeen mukaan kokoelmassa

    • ‘Mirages and visions in the air’ Tyra Kleen and the paradoxes of esoteric art 

      Faxneld, Per (The Donner Institute, 20.03.2021)
      Around the year 1900, European discourse on art was becoming increasingly ‘esotericized’. The 1890s saw esoteric art salons create a sensation in Paris, and art critics and theorists painted a picture of the true artist ...
    • Opening minds for the wisdom of art: Encounters between art and esotericism 

      Leskelä-Kärki, Maarit (The Donner Institute, 20.03.2021)
      A reflection on the symposium ‘Clear-sighted Art – Open Mind? Encounters between Art and Esotericism’ arranged at the Amos Rex Art Museum, Helsinki, 25th August 2020.
    • Religious and spiritual motifs in the art of the patients of Nikkilä Hospital 

      Kuuva, Sari (The Donner Institute, 20.03.2021)
      This article focuses on religiousness and spirituality in the art works of psychiatric patients of Nikkilä Hospital, Finland. The pictures analysed here belong to a collection held at the Helsinki City Museum and they were ...
    • Seekers of the spiritual art and higher wisdom: Encounters between art and esotericism 

      Kokkinen, Nina; Illman, Ruth (The Donner Institute, 20.03.2021)
      Editorial of Approaching Religion, Vol. 11 Issue 1, based on a two-day seminar arranged in Helsinki in August 2020 by the Signe and Ane Gyllenberg Foundation under the title ‘Clear-sighted Art – Open Mind? Encounters between ...
    • Sigrid af Forselles and ‘The Development of the Human Soul’ 

      Lahelma, Marja (The Donner Institute, 20.03.2021)
      The five-part relief series The Development of the Human Soul (c.1887–1903) by the Finnish sculptor Sigrid af Forselles is a monumental work consisting of five large plaster reliefs. The artist’s esoteric interests have ...
    • Spiritual treasures in Finnish art 

      Martin, Hedvig (The Donner Institute, 20.03.2021)
      Review of Spiritual Treasures: Esotericism in the Finnish Art World 1890–1950, edited by Nina Kokkinen and Lotta Nylund (Helsinki: Parvs, 2020).
    • The painter Meri Genetz and the endless quest for spiritual wisdom 

      Ryynänen, Sanna (The Donner Institute, 20.03.2021)
      Meri Genetz (1885–1943) was a Finnish painter, esotericist, and a spiritual seeker. Around 1925, she began truly dedicating herself to spiritual seeking and started to make notes of her studies in black notebooks. This ...
    • Tyra Kleen: Artist and religious seeker 

      Ström Lehander, Karin (The Donner Institute, 20.03.2021)
      The Swedish artist and writer Tyra Kleen (1874–1951) was a professional artist and a constant traveller who had a great interest in different religious questions. This article describes her Symbolist artistry, her interest ...