Vol 10 No 2: Feminism and Hospitality: Religious and Critical Perspectives in Dialogue with a Secular Age


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  • Orthodox Christianity and gender through a religion-as-lived perspective 

    Illman, Ruth (the Donner Institute, 30.10.2020)
    Book review of Kupari, Helena, and Elina Vuola (eds.), 2020. Orthodox Christianity and Gender. Dynamics of Tradition, Culture and Lived Practice. Routledge Studies in Religion (London & New York: Routledge).
  • A lack of meaning? Reactive nihilism and processual materiality 

    Sauka, Anne (the Donner Institute, 30.10.2020)
    This article explores the ‘lack of meaning’ in contemporary society as a consequence of Western dualist thought paradigms and ontologies, via Gilles Deleuze’s concept of ‘reactive nihilism’ following the colloquial murder ...
  • A mind of care Responding ethically to COVID-19 

    Hellsten, Laura (the Donner Institute, 30.10.2020)
    This article approaches issues arising out of being in the middle of the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic in Finland in March 2020, both from the point of view of the lived experience of caring for people in our conference ...
  • Bound to hospitality: An asymmetry of power in the Finnish church asylum movement 

    Ahonen, Talvikki (the Donner Institute, 30.10.2020)
    Church asylum, a practice aimed at assisting migrants with precarious residence statuses, has been enacted in Finland particularly since the 2010s. As a result of migrants’ insecure residency, their capacities of action ...
  • Hospitality and the ethico-political: Collective gestures for welcoming others – critique and possibilities 

    Imperial, Miranda (the Donner Institute, 30.10.2020)
    What is hospitality? Who is it addressed to? Hospitality aims at welcoming those who arrive; it demands giving space and time and sharing our own resources with others. In view of the current global migration crisis and ...
  • Reflection on the reflective ethics of charity 

    Watemberg Izraeli, Sagy (the Donner Institute, 30.10.2020)
    This article is a reflection on the NSU Winter Symposium of March 2020, entitled ‘Feminism and Hospitality: Religious and Critical Perspectives in dialogue with a Secular Age’. It contends with moral judgments which regard ...
  • Beyond formal spaces: Reflections from the NSU Winter Symposium ‘Feminism and Hospitality’ 

    Barroso, Israel (the Donner Institute, 30.10.2020)
    This text offers some reflections that stem from my participation in the NSU Winter Symposium ‘Feminism and Hospitality: Religious and critical perspectives in dialogue with a secular age’, held in Turku, Finland, 5–7 March ...
  • In praise of In Praise of Risk 

    des Bouvrie, Nicole (the Donner Institute, 30.10.2020)
    Review of Anne Dufourmantelle's In Praise of Risk, trans. with an introduction by Steven Miller (New York: Fordham University Press, 2019).