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    • Back to the Post-Communist Motherlands: Reflections of a Jerusalemite Historian 

      Bartal, Israel (the Donner Institute, 18.05.2020)
      This article presents some of the personal observations of a veteran Israeli scholar whose long-years' encounters with the 'real' as well as the 'imagined' eastern Europe have shaped his historical research. As an Israeli-born ...
    • Between Hatred and Nostalgia: Creating a new vision of Polish Jewry in the Third Polish Republic (1995–2005) 

      Landgrebe, Alix (the Donner Institute, 22.05.2020)
      This article discusses the revival of Polish national thought from the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. I demonstrate how the so-called Jewish question influenced the debate and the vision of Jewry in Poland after ...
    • Bildrik populärvetenskap om dansk-judisk historia 

      Carlsson, Carl Henrik (the Donner Institute, 29.05.2018)
      Recension av Cecilie Felicia Stokholm Banke, Signe Bergman Larsen, Janne Laursen, Martin Schwarz Lausten, Hanne Trautner-Kromann, En indvandringshistorie. Jøder i Danmark 400 år (Dansk Jødisk Museum 2018). Engelsk version: ...
    • Building Babylonian giur 

      Zaitsev, Kira (the Donner Institute, 03.11.2018)
      Review of Moshe Lavee's The Rabbinic Conversion of Judaism: The Unique Perspective of the Bavli on Conversion and the Construction of Jewish Identity (2018)
    • Bøger om jødisk historie i Danmark de sidste 15 år 

      Thing, Morten (the Donner Institute, 27.06.2016)
      I Danmark er der de sidste femten år udkommet en hel del bøger om jødernes historie, ikke mindst om deres trængsler. Morten Thing gennemgår i denne oversigtsartikel de vigtigste indenfor forskning og formidling. The ...
    • Can evil create? Lévinas in conversation with tikkun olam and Kierkegaard 

      Westin, Anna (the Donner Institute, 29.05.2018)
      In this article, I look at the phenomenological expression of creativity through language as a way of relating to the self and others. Employing the Jewish concepts of the yetzerim, or impulses, philosophically, I suggest ...
    • Challahpulla: where two wor(l)ds meet 

      Pataricza, Dóra (The Donner Institute, 26.05.2019)
      The relationship between food and religion is a lived activity formed by the dynamics of both tradition and adaption. Religious commitments to food are influenced by various factors, ranging from personal spirituality and ...
    • Cross-dressing among medieval Ashkenazi Jews: Confirming challenged group borders 

      Roos, Lena (the Donner Institute, 02.12.2017)
      This article deals with explicit permissions for two types of cross-dressing found in the thirteenth-century ethical tract Sefer Chasidim. In order to avoid being sexually assaulted, female Jewish travellers were allowed ...
    • Den Judiska Kvinnoklubben (JKK) och de judiska flyktingarna under 1930- och 1940-talen 

      Thor Tureby, Malin (The Donner Institute, 24.11.2019)
      In a Swedish context, Jewish women’s experiences and actions have gone unrecorded and unrecognised; most narratives of Swedish Jewish history offer only a partial account of their past. Marginalised or ignored, or absorbed ...
    • Den judisk–katolska relationen: En läsning av och reflektion kring det senaste dokumentet för en teologisk dialog 

      Nyström, Jennifer (the Donner Institute, 02.12.2017)
      Efter femtio framgångsrika år i kölvattnet av Nostra Aetate (nr 4), publicerade The Commission for Religious Relations with the Jews (Kommissionen för religiösa relationer med judar) ett nytt dokument om judisk–kristna ...
    • ”Den som pekar på andras brister visar därigenom sina egna” Genmäle till Pontus Rudberg 

      Thor Tureby, Malin (The Donner Institute, 202-12-12)
      Genmäle i den pågående diskussionen mellan Malin Thor Tureby och Pontus Rudberg om svenk-judisk historieforskning (se Vol 31 No 1).
    • Den östjudiska invandringen till Karlskrona 1862–1920 

      Svensson, Harry (the Donner Institute, 05.12.2016)
      Genom det undantagstillstånd från 1782-års Judereglemente som Amiralitetskollegiet utverkade åt Fabian Philip och hans familj, blev Karlskrona de facto den fjärde staden i Sverige där judar tilläts bo under perioden ...
    • Didaktiska reflektioner om judendom, stereotyper och tankefigurer 

      Bengtsson, Håkan (The Donner Institute, 14.12.2020)
      This article addresses the issue of teaching Judaism for students in the teacher-training programme and those training to become clergy in a Swedish milieu. A major challenge in the secular post-Protestant setting is to ...
    • Different antisemitisms: on three distinct forms of antisemitism in contemporary Europe. With special focus on Sweden 

      Dencik, Lars; Marosi, Karl (the Donner Institute, 05.12.2016)
      This article studies eight European countries, investigating how the level of antisemit­ism as registered in national populations relates to the perception of antisemitism by the Jewish population in the same country. ...
    • Editorial 

      Gorniok, Lukasz; Roos, Lena; Illman, Ruth (the Donner Institute, 17.05.2020)
      Editorial for Vol. 31/1
    • Editorial 

      Illman, Ruth; Lundgren, Svante (The Donner Institute, 14.12.2020)
      Höstens nummer av Nordisk judaistik – Scandinavian Jewish Studies, vol. 31(2), innehåller fyra forskningsartiklar, två på svenska och två på engelska. I den första artikeln presenterar Håkan Bengtsson ...
    • Editorial 

      Illman, Ruth; Hedner Zetterholm, Karin (the Donner Institute, 02.12.2017)
      Editorial for issue 28(2) of Scandinavian Jewish Studies.
    • Editorial 

      Zetterholm, Karin; Illman, Ruth (the Donner Institute, 03.11.2018)
      Editorial for issue 29(1) of Scandinavian Jewish Studies
    • Editorial 

      Illman, Ruth; Zetterholm, Karin (the Donner Institute, 26.06.2016)
      Editorial for vol. 27/1 och Nordisk judaistik - Scandinavian Jewish Studies.This is the first issue of the journal to be published in eight years, marking the relaunch of the journal.