Selaus asiasanan mukaan kokoelmassa VATT Working Papers

    • Firm types, price-setting strategies, and consumption-tax incidence 

      Kosonen, Tuomas; Harju, Jarkko; Nordström Skans, Oskar
      VATT Working Papers : 70 (Valtion taloudellinen tutkimuskeskus VATT, 29.12.2015)
      Studying very detailed micro data collected around two different VAT reforms in Europe, we show that tax incidence is heavily dependent on the characteristics of the price-setting firms. The reforms generated bimodal ...
    • The impact of tax incentives on the economic activity of entrepreneurs 

      Kosonen, Tuomas; Harju, Jarkko
      VATT Working Papers : 42 (Valtion taloudellinen tutkimuskeskus VATT, 10.01.2013)
      Based on existing evidence, we know little about how the taxation of small business owners affects their economic activity. This paper studies the effect of two Finnish tax reforms, in 1997 and 1998, on the effort decisions ...
    • Restaurant VAT cut: Cheaper meal and more service? 

      Kosonen, Tuomas; Harju, Jarkko
      VATT Working Papers : 52 (Valtion taloudellinen tutkimuskeskus VATT, 09.10.2013)
      This paper provides causally plausible estimates of the effects of consumption taxes in a service sector on prices and demand for restaurant services. We utilize a large VAT reform affecting restaurant meals, where the VAT ...
    • Who Benefits from Public Housing? 

      Eerola, Essi; Saarimaa, Tuukka
      VATT Working Papers : 68 (Valtion taloudellinen tutkimuskeskus VATT, 17.12.2015)
      This paper studies how much public housing generates rent savings for the tenants, how these savings are distributed among the tenants, and whether the tenants reside in better quality neighborhoods than similar low-income ...