Selaus julkaisuajan mukaan kokoelmassa VATT Working Papers

    • The effect of receiving supplementary UI benefits on unemployment duration 

      Kyyrä, Tomi; Parrotta, Pierpaolo; Rosholm, Michael
      VATT Working Papers : 1 (Valtion taloudellinen tutkimuskeskus VATT, 23.02.2009)
      We consider the consequences of working part-time on supplementary unemployment insurance benefits in the Danish labour market. Following the 'timing-of-events' approach we estimate causal effects of subsidized part-time ...
    • School tracking and development of cognitive skills 

      Pekkarinen, Tuomas; Uusitalo, Roope; Kerr, Sari
      VATT Working Papers : 2 (Valtion taloudellinen tutkimuskeskus VATT, 30.03.2009)
      The Finnish comprehensive school reform replaced the old two-track school system with a uniform nine-year comprehensive school and significantly reduced the degree of heterogeneity in the Finnish primary and secondary ...
    • The optimal tax treatment of housing capital in the neoclassical growth model 

      Eerola, Essi; Määttänen, Niku
      VATT Working Papers : 3 (Valtion taloudellinen tutkimuskeskus VATT, 30.03.2009)
      In a dynamic setting, housing capital is both an asset and a consumption good. But should it be taxed like other forms of consumption or like other forms of capital? We analyze this question by considering the taxation of ...
    • Matching inefficiencies, regional disparities and unemployment 

      Hynninen, Sanna-Mari; Kangasharju, Aki; Pehkonen, Jaakko
      VATT Working Papers : 4 (Valtion taloudellinen tutkimuskeskus VATT, 28.05.2009)
      In this paper we apply a stochastic frontier approach to examine how matching efficiency and regional differences in structural factors contribute to regional and aggregate unemployment. Our results suggest that there would ...
    • RD, investment and structural change in Finland: Is low investment a problem? 

      Berghäll, Elina
      VATT Working Papers : 6 (Valtion taloudellinen tutkimuskeskus VATT, 10.06.2009)
      Low aggregate investment in Finland has been argued to merely reflect structural change to an innovation economy, with high R&D levels adequately compensating for reduced physical investment. This paper briefly reviews the ...
    • Technological changes, wage inequality and skill premiums: Evidence over three centuries 

      Ojala, Jari; Pehkonen, Jaakko
      VATT Working Papers : 5 (Valtion taloudellinen tutkimuskeskus VATT, 10.06.2009)
      This study analyses the evolution of wages and occupational composition of labour over three centuries, from 1755 to 1914, using worker-workplace data. The data from one industry offers a unique view on long-term trends ...
    • Voluntary pension savings: the effects of the Finnish tax reform on savers' behaviour 

      Harju, Jarkko
      VATT Working Papers : 7 (Valtion taloudellinen tutkimuskeskus VATT, 17.06.2009)
      Many countries tax voluntary pension savings using the so-called EET model, based on tax-deductible savings and taxable withdrawals. In Finland the tax reform of 2005 changed the tax rate schedule from progressive to ...
    • Multinational firms and job tasks 

      Nilsson Hakkala, Katariina; Heyman, Fredrik; Sjöholm, Fredrik
      VATT Working Papers : 8 (Valtion taloudellinen tutkimuskeskus VATT, 22.07.2009)
      We analyze the impact of multinational and foreign ownership on the demand for job tasks and educational skills. By using Swedish matched employer-employee data, we find that both foreign and domestic multinational firms ...
    • The impact of dividend taxation on dividends and investment: New evidence based on a natural experiment 

      Kari, Seppo; Karikallio, Hanna; Pirttilä, Jukka
      VATT Working Papers : 9 (Valtion taloudellinen tutkimuskeskus VATT, 08.09.2009)
      There is a lack of clear evidence of the ways in which dividend taxation affects dividend distributions and investment and the evidence is based mainly on the behaviour of large listed companies. This paper utilises a large ...
    • Modelling state dependence and feedback effects between poverty, employment and parental home emancipation among European youth 

      Ayllón, Sara
      VATT Working Papers : 10 (Valtion taloudellinen tutkimuskeskus VATT, 30.10.2009)
      Youth is one of the phases in the life-cycle when some of the most decisive life transitions take place. Entering the labour market or leaving parental home are events with important consequences for the economic well-being ...
    • Distributional effects of Finland's climate policy package - Calculations with the new income distribution module of the VATTAGE model 

      Honkatukia, Juha; Marttila, Kimmo; Kinnunen, Jouko
      VATT Working Papers : 11 (Valtion taloudellinen tutkimuskeskus VATT, 13.11.2009)
      In this report we present a new version of the VATTAGE AGE (Applied General Equilibrium) model, which enables distributional analysis of policy changes. We also report estimation results of LES consumption function for ...
    • The threat effect of mandatory programme participation in Finland - A study of activation reform of the labour market support system 

      Tuomala, Juha
      VATT Working Papers : 12 (Valtion taloudellinen tutkimuskeskus VATT, 03.02.2010)
      This study focuses on the threat effect of the activation reform of the Finnish labour market support system in 2006. In practice, participation in the labour market programmes became mandatory for the long-term recipients ...
    • Fiscal policies in Europe and the United States during the Great Depression 

      Kavonius, Ilja Kristian
      VATT Working Papers : 13 (Valtion taloudellinen tutkimuskeskus VATT, 11.02.2010)
      Abstract: This paper discusses the fiscal policy reactions and economic policies of European countries and the United States during the Great Depression. Economic as well as economic history literature has tended to overlook ...
    • Changes in job stability - evidence from lifetime job histories 

      Uusitalo, Roope; Rokkanen, Miikka
      VATT Working Papers : 14 (Valtion taloudellinen tutkimuskeskus VATT, 18.02.2010)
      We use lifetime job histories from the pension records to evaluate changes in job stability in Finland between 1963 and 2004. We specify a duration model and estimate the effects of elapsed duration, age, and calendar time ...
    • Granting public or private consumption? Effects of grants on local public spending and income taxes 

      Lundqvist, Heléne
      VATT Working Papers : 15 (Valtion taloudellinen tutkimuskeskus VATT, 27.09.2010)
      While the literature on how intergovernmental grants affect the budget of receiving jurisdictions is numerous, the very few studies that explicitly deal with likely endogeneity problems focus on grants targeted towards ...
    • Institutional rules, labour demand and retirement through disability programme participation 

      Kyyrä, Tomi; Korkeamäki, Ossi
      VATT Working Papers : 16 (Valtion taloudellinen tutkimuskeskus VATT, 27.09.2010)
      We use matched employer-employee data from Finland to model transitions out of work into sick leave and disability retirement. To identify the role of institutional factors we exploit reforms that changed medical requirements ...
    • Early retirement policy in the presence of competing exit pathways: Evidence from policy reforms in Finland 

      Kyyrä, Tomi
      VATT Working Papers : 17 (Valtion taloudellinen tutkimuskeskus VATT, 12.11.2010)
      A majority of older Finns withdraw from employment via early retirement schemes years before the statutory retirement age. Over the past 15 years, a series of policy reforms have been introduced to reduce the widespread ...
    • What was actually cut in the barbers' VAT cut? 

      Kosonen, Tuomas
      VATT Working Papers : 18 (Valtion taloudellinen tutkimuskeskus VATT, 23.11.2010)
      The tax incidence of consumption taxes across various sectors of the economy is a key aspect when designing a tax structure. However, there are very few empirical findings on this subject. This paper studies the tax incidence ...
    • Coalition formation and political decision making: Evidence from Finnish municipal mergers 

      Saarimaa, Tuukka; Tukiainen, Janne
      VATT Working Papers : 19 (Valtion taloudellinen tutkimuskeskus VATT, 20.12.2010)
      This paper analyzes empirically the coalition formation of local governments. We introduce a novel econometric strategy involving choice based sampling from a spatial network to allow for multi-partner mergers in our ...
    • The effect of church tax on church membership 

      Lyytikäinen, Teemu; Santavirta, Torsten
      VATT Working Papers : 20 (Valtion taloudellinen tutkimuskeskus VATT, 30.12.2010)
      Abstract In this study we examine the effect of church tax on the church membership decision using Finnish data. We present both descriptive statistics from an opting-out website and econometric evidence exploiting the ...