• 5th Helsinki Workshop on Standardization and Networks, 13-14 August, 2000 

      Coenen, Heide; Holler, Manfred J.; Niskanen, Esko
      VATT-keskustelualoitteita : 243 (Valtion taloudellinen tutkimuskeskus VATT, 31.12.2000)
      The fast development in communications and information based industries as well as in other network related industries gives rise to new constellations in competition and innovation. These are strongly dependent on strategic ...
    • Do tax incentives for research increase firm innovation? An RD Design for RD 

      Dechezleprêtre, Antoine; Einiö, Elias; Martin, Ralf; Nguyen, Kieu-Trang; Van Reenen, John
      VATT Working Papers : 73 (Valtion taloudellinen tutkimuskeskus VATT, 13.04.2016)
      We present the first evidence showing causal impact of research and development (R&D) tax incentives on innovation outcomes. We exploit a change in the asset-based size thresholds for eligibility for R&D tax subsidies and ...
    • Foreign Direct Investment and Science and Technology Infrastructure in Small Countries: Evidence from Finland and the Netherlands 

      Berghäll, Elina; vanBeers, Cees; Poot, Tom
      VATT-keskustelualoitteita : 357 (Valtion taloudellinen tutkimuskeskus VATT, 31.12.2004)
      This study investigates the links between foreign firms and the public Science and Technology (S&T) institutions in Finland and the Netherlands. By estimating models on data from Community Innovation Surveys, we find for ...