Selaus nimekkeen mukaan kokoelmassa Valtion taloudellinen tutkimuskeskus VATT

    • Early Retirement Policy in the Presence of Competing Exit Pathways: Evidence from Pension Reforms in Finland 

      Kyyrä, Tomi
      Economica : 325 (Wiley, 2015)
      I study the effects of changes in the eligibility age thresholds for unemployment and part-time pensions, and the effect of tightening medical criteria for disability pension eligibility in Finland. Particular attention ...
    • Early retirement policy in the presence of competing exit pathways: Evidence from policy reforms in Finland 

      Kyyrä, Tomi
      VATT Working Papers : 17 (Valtion taloudellinen tutkimuskeskus VATT, 12.11.2010)
      A majority of older Finns withdraw from employment via early retirement schemes years before the statutory retirement age. Over the past 15 years, a series of policy reforms have been introduced to reduce the widespread ...
    • Eastern Enlargement and Portugal 

      Fernandes, Tania
      VATT-keskustelualoitteita : 188 (Valtion taloudellinen tutkimuskeskus VATT, 01.01.1999)
      The paper is structured in two parts. The first one analyses the proposals of the European Commission concerning the reform of the European Union policies and the Eastern enlargement, set out in Agenda 2000. The second ...
    • Eastern Enlargement of the European Union - Transition in applicant countries and evaluation of the economic prospects with a dynamic CGE-model 

      Vaittinen, Risto
      VATT-tutkimuksia : 64 (Valtion taloudellinen tutkimuskeskus VATT, 20.06.2000)
      In this study the economic implications of eastward enlargement are analyzed using a multi-regional, dynamic general equilibrium model. EU's eastern enlargement is, in one respect, conventional regional integration where ...
    • Economic and Equity Effects of Marginal Cost Pricing in Transport 

      Fridstrøm, Lasse; Minken, Harald; Moilanen, Paavo; Shepherd, Simon; Vold, Arild
      VATT-tutkimuksia : 71 (Valtion taloudellinen tutkimuskeskus VATT, 31.12.2000)
      Marginal cost transport pricing - if implemented in European cities - may give rise to substantial welfare benefits for the urban populations. Depending on the local conditions and on the policy instruments used, annual ...
    • Economic crises and unemployment persistence: Analysis of job losses during the Finnish 1990s recession 

      Verho, Jouko
      VATT Working Papers : 99 (Valtion taloudellinen tutkimuskeskus, 20.11.2017)
      This study estimates the effect of job loss for Finnish workers displaced during a severe recession in the early 1990s. The setting provides a sample of workers of which over 90% experienced unemployment after losing a job ...
    • Economic Crises and Unemployment Persistence: Analysis of Job Losses During the Finnish Recession of the 1990s 

      Verho, Jouko
      Economica : 345 (Wiley, 2019)
      This study estimates the effect of job loss for Finnish workers who were displaced during a severe recession in the early 1990s. The setting provides a sample of workers of which over 90% experienced unemployment after ...
    • Economic Effects of the Finnish Value- Added Tax Reform with Different Treatments of the Basic Production Deduction 

      Törmä, Hannu; Vaittinen, Risto; Rutherford, Thomas
      VATT-muistioita : 12 (Valtion taloudellinen tutkimuskeskus VATT, 01.01.1994)
    • Economic Impacts of Immigration: A Survey 

      Pekkala, Sari
      VATT-keskustelualoitteita : 362 (Valtion taloudellinen tutkimuskeskus VATT, 07.03.2005)
      This survey presents findings from recent empirical studies on economic impacts of immigration with particular emphasis on European and Nordic countries. The survey consists of three parts. First, we look at the extent of ...
    • Economic Implications of Differences in Member State Regulations for the European Union Emission Trade System 

      Perrels, Adriaan
      VATT-keskustelualoitteita : 412 (Valtion taloudellinen tutkimuskeskus VATT, 14.02.2007)
      This report discusses the economic implications of the regulatory organisation of the European Emission Trade System (EU ETS) in the member states, and more in particular the consequences of differences between national ...
    • Economic Incentives and Labour Market Transitions of the Aged Finnish Workforce 

      Hakola, Tuulia
      VATT-tutkimuksia : 89 (Valtion taloudellinen tutkimuskeskus VATT, 20.06.2002)
      This PhD thesis is a collection of studies on retirement in Finland. The main purpose is to assess labour market transitions of the aged and focus on the e.ect of the economic incentives. All of the studies are empirical ...
    • Economic Poverty in Finland 1971-2004 

      Sullström, Risto; Riihelä, Marja; Tuomala, Matti
      VATT-keskustelualoitteita : 418 (Valtion taloudellinen tutkimuskeskus VATT, 16.03.2007)
      In this paper we examined trends in the economic poverty in Finland using two data sources, the IDS (Income Distribution Survey) and the CES (Consumption Expenditure Survey). We drew on the recent literature on poverty ...
    • ECU - Euroopan raha ja Suomi 

      Hjerppe, Reino; Korhonen, Matti; Korkman, Sixten; Puntila, Markku
      VATT-julkaisuja : 8 (Valtion taloudellinen tutkimuskeskus VATT, 01.01.1992)
      Artikkelikokoelmassa käsitellään Euroopan rahaintegraatiota ja sen vaikutusta Suomeen. Liittyessään EY:n jäseneksi Suomella on mahdollisuus liittyä Euroopan rahaliiton jäseneksi. Tämä edellyttää kuitenkin syvällistä muutosta ...
    • Education and Unemployment: State Dependence in Unemployment Among Young People in the 1990s 

      Hämäläinen, Kari
      VATT-keskustelualoitteita : 312 (Valtion taloudellinen tutkimuskeskus VATT, 21.08.2003)
      This study examines the labour market careers of young people who finished their studies or left compulsory schooling in 1988. The main issue of interest is the impact of past unemployment on current unemployment. The ...
    • Efektiivinen veroaste eri sijoitusmuodoissa 

      Kari, Seppo; Lyytikäinen, Teemu
      VATT-keskustelualoitteita : 317 (Valtion taloudellinen tutkimuskeskus VATT, 26.11.2003)
      Raportissa vertaillaan kotitalouden keskeisimpien säästämisvaihtoehtojen tosiasiallista verorasitusta Suomessa. Verorasitusta mitataan efektiivisellä veroasteella, joka kuvaa verojen suhteellista osuutta sijoituskohteen ...
    • The effect of church tax on church membership 

      Lyytikäinen, Teemu; Santavirta, Torsten
      VATT Working Papers : 20 (Valtion taloudellinen tutkimuskeskus VATT, 30.12.2010)
      Abstract In this study we examine the effect of church tax on the church membership decision using Finnish data. We present both descriptive statistics from an opting-out website and econometric evidence exploiting the ...
    • The Effect of Job Displacement on Couples' Fertility Decisions 

      Huttunen, Kristiina; Kellokumpu, Jenni
      VATT Working Papers : 29 (Valtion taloudellinen tutkimuskeskus VATT, 22.03.2012)
      This paper analyzes the effects of job displacement on fertility using Finnish longitudinal employer-employee data (FLEED) matched to birth records. We distinguish between male and female job losses. We focus on couples ...
    • The effect of receiving supplementary UI benefits on unemployment duration 

      Kyyrä, Tomi; Parrotta, Pierpaolo; Rosholm, Michael
      VATT Working Papers : 1 (Valtion taloudellinen tutkimuskeskus VATT, 23.02.2009)
      We consider the consequences of working part-time on supplementary unemployment insurance benefits in the Danish labour market. Following the 'timing-of-events' approach we estimate causal effects of subsidized part-time ...
    • The Effect of Three-rate Property Taxation on Housing Construction 

      Lyytikäinen, Teemu
      VATT-keskustelualoitteita : 419 (Valtion taloudellinen tutkimuskeskus VATT, 03.05.2007)
      This paper examines the effect on housing construction of taxing undeveloped residential land at a higher rate than developed land. In 2001, Finnish municipalities were allowed to levy an extra property tax on undeveloped ...
    • The Effectiveness of Differentiation of the Finnish Car Purchase Tax according to Carbon Dioxide Emission Performance 

      Perrels, Adriaan; Tuovinen, Tarja
      VATT Research Reports : 168 (VATT Institute for Economic Research, 06.03.2012)
      The study concerns an assessment of the effectiveness of car purchase tax differentiation according to the CO2-emission performance of newly sold cars as implemented in Finland. This policy instrument came into force as ...