• New directions in Stochastic Multicriteria Acceptability Analysis 

      Tervonen, Tommi (Annales Universitatis Turkuensis AI 376, 01.12.2007)
      Decisions taken in modern organizations are often multi-dimensional, involving multiple decision makers and several criteria measured on different scales. Multiple Criteria Decision Making (MCDM) methods are designed to ...
    • Software Process Modeling with Eclipse Process Framework 

      Terävä, Henrik (17.12.2007)
      <b>Ohjelmistoprosessin mallinnus Eclipse Process Frameworkilla ja SPEM 2.0 metamallilla</b> Ohjelmistot ja ohjelmistoteollisuus kehittyvät jatkuvasti. Ketterien menetelmien tulo 1990-luvun loppupuolella, uudet ...
    • A System-Level Simulation Model for a Protocol Processor 

      Yliuntinen, Pasi (24.04.2008)
      As the development of integrated circuit technology continues to follow Moore’s law the complexity of circuits increases exponentially. Traditional hardware description languages such as VHDL and Verilog are no longer ...
    • Search Interfaces on the Web: Querying and Characterizing 

      Shestakov, Denis (TUCS Dissertations 104, 12.06.2008)
      Current-day web search engines (e.g., Google) do not crawl and index a significant portion of theWeb and, hence, web users relying on search engines only are unable to discover and access a large amount of information from ...
    • New kernel functions and learning methods for text and data mining 

      Pahikkala, Tapio (TUCS Dissertations No 103, 18.06.2008)
      Recent advances in machine learning methods enable increasingly the automatic construction of various types of computer assisted methods that have been difficult or laborious to program by human experts. The tasks for which ...
    • Tietoisuus tekoälysysteemeissä 

      Antila, Jussi (23.06.2008)
      Tietokoneiden teho on kasvanut eksponentiaalisesti siitä lähtien, kun ensimmäiset elektroniset tietokoneet rakennettiin. Eikä tähän ole odotettavissa muutosta. Koneista on tullut niin kykeneviä, että ne korvaavat ihmisen ...
    • Viihteen laatu nykytietokonepeleissä 

      Makkonen, Antti (04.07.2008)
      Tässä pro gradu tutkielmassa tarkastellaan viihteen laadun tekijöitä nykyaikaisissa tietokonepeleissä ja niiden vaikutusta pelin viihdytysarvoon. Tutkielmassa on analysoitukeskeisiä pelialan artikkeleita, jotka käsittelevät ...
    • A Dependency Parsing Approach to Biomedical Text Mining 

      Pyysalo, Sampo (TUCS Dissertations No 105, 06.09.2008)
      Biomedical research is currently facing a new type of challenge: an excess of information, both in terms of raw data from experiments and in the number of scientific publications describing their results. Mirroring the ...
    • A Co-Processor Approach for Efficient Java Execution in Embedded Systems 

      Säntti, Tero (TUCS Dissertations no 108, 10.11.2008)
      This thesis deals with a hardware accelerated Java virtual machine, named REALJava. The REALJava virtual machine is targeted for resource constrained embedded systems. The goal is to attain increased computational performance ...
    • Setup Optimization in High-Mix Surface Mount PCB Assembly 

      Salonen, Kari (TUCS Dissertations no 109, 22.11.2008)
    • Efficient Channel Modeling Methods for Mobile Communication Systems 

      Poikonen, Jussi (Annales Universitatis Turkuensis A I 389, 17.01.2009)
    • Chip and Signature Interleaving in DS CDMA Systems 

      Dudkov, Alexey (Turku Centre for Computer Science. TUCS Dissertations No 118, 30.05.2009)
    • Role of Selected Spectral Attributes in the Perception of Synthetic Vowels 

      Savela, Janne (Turku Centre for Computer Science. TUCS Dissertations n:o 119, 26.06.2009)
      This thesis is an experimental study regarding the identification and discrimination of vowels, studied using synthetic stimuli. The acoustic attributes of synthetic stimuli vary, which raises the question of how different ...
    • On Fault Tolerance Methods for Networks-on-Chip 

      Lehtonen, Teijo (TUCS Dissertations 122, 13.11.2009)
      Technology scaling has proceeded into dimensions in which the reliability of manufactured devices is becoming endangered. The reliability decrease is a consequence of physical limitations, relative increase of variations, ...
    • Formal Power Analysis of Systems-on-Chip 

      Tuominen, Johanna (TUCS Dissertations No 121, 07.12.2009)
      The design methods and languages targeted to modern System-on-Chip designs are facing tremendous pressure of the ever-increasing complexity, power, and speed requirements. To estimate any of these three metrics, there is ...
    • Machine Learning and Clinical Text. Supporting Health Information Flow 

      Suominen, Hanna (TUCS Dissertations No 125, 15.12.2009)
      Fluent health information flow is critical for clinical decision-making. However, a considerable part of this information is free-form text and inabilities to utilize it create risks to patient safety and cost-­effective ...
    • Web Application Performance Testing 

      Palomäki, Jukka (14.01.2010)
      Web application performance testing is an emerging and important field of software engineering. As web applications become more commonplace and complex, the need for performance testing will only increase. This paper ...
    • Segmental Durations of Speech 

      Saarni, Tuomo (TUCS Dissertations No 126, 29.01.2010)
      This dissertation considers the segmental durations of speech from the viewpoint of speech technology, especially speech synthesis. The idea is that better models of segmental durations lead to higher naturalness and better ...
    • Ohjelmistometriikat arkkitehtuuritasolla 

      Hyrynsalmi, Sami (25.05.2010)