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  • Book review. The artist through a glass darkly 

    Swartz Larsson, Karen Inez (The Donner Institute, 21.04.2018)
    Review of Anna Laestadius Larsson's Hilma. En roman om gåtan Hilma af Klint (Stockholm, Piratförlaget, 2017).
  • Book review. A deconstructed guru 

    Taatila, Hippo (The Donner Institute, 21.04.2018)
    Review of Tobias Churton's Deconstructioning Gurdjieff: Biography of a Spiritual Magician (Rochester, Inner Traditions, 2017). Gurdjieff, Western Esotericism, Guru, Tobias Churton, Deconstructionism, Steven Sutcliffe
  • Book review. At the borders of knowledge 

    Järvenpää, Juuso (The Donner Institute, 21.04.2018)
    Review of Egil Asprem's The Problem of Disenchantment: Scientific Naturalism and Esoteric Discourse 1900–1939 (Brill 2014).
  • Book review. Esotericism throughout the centuries 

    Ramstedt, Tommy (The Donner Institute, 21.04.2018)
    Review of Wouter J. Hanegraaff's Esotericism and the Academy: Rejected Knowledge in Western Culture (Cambridge University, 2012).
  • Esotericism in reverse 

    Mansikka, Tomas (The Donner Institute, 21.04.2018)
    Western esotericism appears to be a field most precarious in terms of positioning. This article will highlight the divide between ‘critics’ and ‘religionists’ from a pre-Enlightenment position by discussing René Descartes’ ...
  • A relation of Swedenborgianism and anthroposophy 

    Mahlamäki, Tiina (The Donner Institute, 21.04.2018)
    My article discusses the influence of Emanuel- Swedenborg on a Finnish female author, Kersti Bergroth (1886–1975) through one of Bergroth’s novels Eläviä ja kuolleita (‘The Living and the Dead’, 1945). Bergroth was a ...
  • Putting the spiritual into practice 

    Boguslawski, Julia von; Westerlund, Jasmine (The Donner Institute, 21.04.2018)
    The aim of this article is to examine how Rudolf Steiner’s anthroposophical ideas were reflected and put into practice in the lives of the Finnish couple Olly (Olga) Donner (1881–1956, neé Sinebrychoff) and Uno Donner ...
  • The Symbolist aesthetic and the impact of occult and esoteric ideologies on modern art 

    Lahelma, Marja (The Donner Institute, 21.04.2018)
    Within the past couple of decades, art-historical scholarship has developed a more acute awareness of the need to reassess and re-evaluate its dominant narratives. It has become apparent that the value judgements that have ...
  • Vera Hjelt and the calling of theosophical universal work, 1894–1904 

    Kaartinen, Marjo (The Donner Institute, 21.04.2018)
    This article discusses the theosophy of Vera Hjelt (1857–1947), who was inspired by Annie Besant. Hjelt led an active life as a schoolteacher, factory owner, writer, occupational safety inspector and member of parliament. ...
  • 'The one and only true and salvational faith' 

    Harmainen, Antti (The Donner Institute, 21.04.2018)
    In the 1880s, the religious life in Finland was in the midst of a turbulent period which, for some, presented a threat to traditional moral values and social cohesion while for others it was the beginning of a new, more ...
  • Editorial. The history of modern Western esotericism 

    Mahlamäki, Tiina; Leskelä-Kärki, Maarit (The Donner Institute, 21.04.2018)
    The study of Western esoteric traditions and practices has been a growing research field since the 1990s. This thematic issue aims at opening this field particularly in the context of Finnish cultural history, although the ...
  • Book review. Finding beauty, goodness and truth in an ugly world 

    Illman, Ruth (The Donner Institute, 04.12.2017)
    Review of Kimberly Vrudny's Beauty’s Vineyard: A Theological Aesthetic of Anguish and Anticipation (Collegeville, MN, Liturgical Press, 2016).
  • Book review. Agency in image production 

    Cummins, Thomas (The Donner Institute, 04.12.2017)
    Review of The Technical Image: A History of Styles in Scientific Imagery, eds. Horst Bredekamp, Vera Dünkel and Birgit Schneider (The University of Chicago Press in associ-ation with the Bard Graduate Center, New York City, 2015).
  • Book review. Thermodynamics and theology 

    Russell, Cathriona (The Donner Institute, 04.12.2017)
    Review of Helge S. Kragh's Entropic Creation: Religious Contexts of Thermodynamics and Cosmology (London and New York, Routledge, 2016) (first published in 2008 by Ashgate).
  • Book review. The sublime 

    Weckman, Jan Kenneth (04.12.2017)
    Review of Beyond the Finite: The Sublime in Art and Science, eds. Roald Hoffmann and Iain Boyd Whyte (New York, Oxford University Press, 2011).
  • Book review. Connecting concepts, creating worlds 

    Smith, W. Alan (The Donner Institute, 04.12.2017)
    Review of Aesthetics of Religion: A Connective Concept, eds. Alexandra Grieser and Jay Johnston, Religion and Reason, 58 (Berlin and Boston, de Gruyter, 2017).
  • Re-mapping life 

    Buiani, Roberta (The Donner Institute, 04.12.2017)
    In this paper, I discuss the significance of medical visualization in relation to recent creative practices that could dismantle, or at least redress, some of its most long-lasting tenets. In fact, driven by an almost ...
  • Beautiful destruction The aesthetic of apocalypse in Hans Dominik's early science fiction 

    Cirkel-Bartelt, Vanessa (The Donner Institute, 04.12.2017)
    Though the term ‘science fiction’ was coined somewhat later, the early twentieth century saw an enormous rise in an interest in technological tales set in the near future, mirroring a general awareness of the growing ...
  • Symmetry, beauty and belief in high-energy physics 

    Borrelli, Arianna (The Donner Institute, 04.12.2017)
    This paper engages with the aesthetics of knowl-edge, both in its sense as the connection between knowledge and ‘aesthetic’ judgements of beauty, or ugliness, and of the many ‘aesthetic’ – that is to say sensually perceivable ...
  • Recent research on the aesthetics of knowledge in science and in religion 

    Borrelli, Arianna; Grieser, Alexandra (The Donner Institute, 04.12.2017)
    As an introduction to the case studies collected in the current special issue, this review article provides a brief, and by no means exhaustive, overview of research that proves to be relevant to the development of a concept ...

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